To show how others have forged their careers in the Pizza, Pasta and Italian Food industry, we spoke with a range of people who've enjoyed a varied and rewarding career. They shared a few of their thoughts with us here. 

Here's Abdul Awan's story from Kitchen Staff to today: 

  1. Have you always worked in the 'world of pizza', or did you come to it from another sector?

    • Yes I have been working in Pizza Hut since 2006, I started as a part time kitchen staff working 8 hours a week and made my way up.

  1. Where did you start out? Delivery driver? Pizza maker?

    • Pizza Maker

  1. In your opinion, do people under-estimate the potential for a good career in this sector?

    • Absolutely as I believe I lack in many skills but just due to sheer commitment I am Franchisee of Pizza hut today looking to open my first store soon.

  1. Once you had a 'foot in the door', how did you progress?

    • I made sure that I never let my line managers down and the biggest win for me was YES attitude at work and always a keen learner.

  1. What skills would you say are required for success along the way?

    • I believe in this industry speed with commitment and have desire to progress further.

  1. Have you been able to take part in training programmes to help with your career progression?

    • Yes, there are always training courses and development programs which enables you to learn a lot about business.

  1. Have you benefited from having a mentor?

    • Always, I was very lucky to have one of the strongest operator in the business (Natalie Tash) who was always very keen in mentoring whole heartedly.

  1. Can you share with us some of your current ambitions or business aims?

    • I have recently become a pizza hut franchisee and looking to open my own store and my ambition is to become the biggest franchisee of the company and I want to make sure that my full commitment is available to achieve this .

  1. What advice do you have for someone just starting out in the sector and aiming to go from 'good to great'?

    • To follow company procedures as they have backing of a lot of researches and this will make your life so easy to develop.

       10. What would be your dream job in the industry at large?

                 º  Become General Manager of Yum brand in UK.