To show how others have forged their careers in the Pizza, Pasta and Italian Food industry, we spoke with a range of people who've enjoyed a varied and rewarding career. They shared a few of their thoughts with us here. 

Here's Chenai Ziyambe's story from Receptionist to Field Trainer:  

  1. Have you always worked in the 'world of pizza', or did you come to it from another sector?

    • My first job was actually at Marks and Spencer. I got a job at Pizza Hut in my second year of university. I left Pizza Hut after a year to work at Toys R Us (this was my university placement). I guess the lure of fresh pizzas was too much so I came back! (cheesey, I know)

  2. Where did you start out? Delivery driver? Pizza maker

    • I started off as a Receptionist, in its truest form, I wasn’t allowed to do anything else but make boxes and answer calls!

  3. In your opinion, do people under-estimate the potential for a good career in this sector?

    • Majorly underestimated and to be honest, when I first started my employment with Pizza Hut, I underestimated it also. I worked really hard in the Hut from the beginning but the main reason for that was because I liked my job and the team I worked with. When I finished university I was delighted when my RGM asked me if I’d like to become a Shift Manager. 4 years on and 3 promotions later, I’m still here.

  1. Once you had a 'foot in the door', how did you progress?

    • I owe my successes to the managers that I’ve worked for. The ‘People Grower’ culture is truly alive throughout the company, even at store level. I was given various opportunities to try new things and guided every step of the way by my mentors on a frequent 1:1 basis.

  2. What skills would you say are required for success along the way?

    • Determination and truly living and breathing the YUM! Culture. I think the biggest mistake is to assume that it’s easy or can happen overnight. 

  3. Have you been able to take part in training programmes to help with your career progression?

    • Countless! The best thing is unlike previous jobs I’ve had, the training programmes are all different and dynamic, so you really don’t get bored. You are encouraged to grow yourself not only professionally but personally also.

  1. Have you benefited from having a mentor?

    • Yes, I have a mentor now. It’s amazing having someone helping you achieve your career ambitions.

  2. Can you share with us some of your current ambitions or business aims?

    • At this point, I’m extremely lucky to have a mentor as my current career ambitions require me to change departments. Having a mentor helps me to make that transition easier.

  3. What advice do you have for someone just starting out in the sector and aiming to go from 'good to great'?

    • You get what you give. If you give 100%, that’s what you get out from it but that takes hard work, determination and clear goals.